Professional Treatment

The key to a successful recovery program and center are the people who form the support, encouragement and planned treatments to make recovery a reality. Experienced staff members, whether they are doctors, counselors or trainers, have a profound influence on each client, and are all needed as a team to make lives better. They aren’t just professionally trained in their fields, they have also trained with each other, and formed a team bond. This strong connection enables them to quickly develop a plan for each client, and to support each other in their recovery.

At Paragon Recovery we believe that all who are inside the center are equal. All human beings with their own unique life stories; some who have come to seek help, others who are there to provide it, but all with the ability to grow together, learn and experience new things, and above all, face the future with their heads held high and any negativity in their past left behind them. This is why we have created an environment that represents a home, where each individual serves a purpose, and together create the perfect ambience.

Professional Evaluation

Each client is given a one-on-one consultation with a professional staff member. This is a wonderful opportunity for the staff to learn about the client and begin the planning process of their recovery. Not only is this a great way to settle into our calming environment, but it also allows our professionals to implement the following three steps:

1. Understand the Situational and Emotional Circumstances of Each Client

Each client comes from a unique emotional and situational background, which has had an effect on who they are, what choices they’ve made in life, and why one of those choices turned into an addiction. This is a normal pattern for all individuals, even though the outcomes of those choices are different. In order to get to the base of the addiction problem, our professionals spend time discussing and understanding the past that brought the client to Paragon Recovery.

2. Develop a Realistic and Highly Personalized Program to Follow

Our programs are created to suit the individual needs, adaptability, and availability of each client. Not all clients have been affected by their addiction in the same way, and therefore they are each advised on the level of strict recovery that should or should not be undergone. Additionally, the client is provided with as much detail as possible once their personalized program is complete, and are always welcome to seek further advice, explanation or guidance whenever they feel the need to do so.

3. Include the Whole Paragon Recovery Team to Ensure A Successful Recovery

The last and most important step is the team effort of everyone who is part of Paragon Recovery to make sure that the client feels welcomed, relaxed and motivated to begin their journey of recovery. Human contact is essential for both introvert and extrovert clients, which is why our team is always ready to offer a helping hand any time, day and night. Furthermore, recovery isn’t just about the medical aspect of the program. We have an abundance of extracurricular activities to help provide clients with exercise, entertainment, and wonderful opportunities to meet others who understand what they are going through.

Detox Program

Depending on the seriousness of the client’s addiction level, either a medication assisted or a non-pharmaceutical detox option will be advised. Detox, whatever its components are, is an essential start to any client’s recovery. The source of the addiction must be eliminated if a life without it can be imagined. However, we ensure that our clients are exposed to minimum stress along the way.

1. 24/7 Monitoring by Experts

All elements of the Detox Program are monitored at all times. Each client is given individual support throughout their detox period, and are encouraged to seek support at any moment. The first few days of detoxification are often the hardest ones, because a new understanding of an individual’s body must be developed. The client must embrace the feeling of a body free from the addictive substance. Our professionals are always there to offer encouragement and portray the positive life that awaits at the end of the detoxification.

2. Seamless Transition into the Detox Program

Careful consideration is given to the time and mental effort that is required to start a detoxification. Our professionals never make any sudden changes to the environment that a client is used to and care is taken to stay with the client each step of the way. The detoxification is introduced to the routine that the individual is already used to. Also, our environment, friendly staff and fun activities ensure that detox is not the center of attention in a client’s thoughts.

3. A Safe, Supportive and Luxurious Environment to Accomplish It In

The best way to handle detoxification is to have confidence that the environment that surrounds you is safe, and free from any judgemental comments or discrimination. The real world is rarely so forgiving when it comes to such issues, which is why many clients find it excruciating to handle detox in an environment that doesn’t understand it.

Trauma-Informed Addiction Treatment

Traumatic experiences are a very frequent cause of addiction. Trauma-informed addiction is very delicate to heal, and requires much experience, patience, and the right safety program to rebuild the damage caused by the traumatic experience.

1. Allowing the Individual Freedom to Open Up

The start of a successful treatment of trauma is to talk about it, and to understand all the elements that caused the trauma, including the people involved and effects that remained after such an experience. It may sound simple, but having an open conversation about a traumatic experience is often the hardest thing for a client to do; and it is certainly not something that can be done with anyone. Our professional team offers clients the guarantee of privacy and confidentiality, so that their mind can slowly become free of such memories.

2. Re-Building Self-Confidence and Identity

Most traumatic experiences leave clients feeling isolated, embarrassed and with seemingly no one to turn to for help. This has a drastic effect on confidence and identity, which can cause a lot of damage in the individual’s private and professional life. Our professionals work with clients to re-introduce them to who they are, to help them re-discover their purpose in life, and to ensure them that their past need not be the fixation of their future.

3. Accepting the Traumatic Experience, Overcoming It and Moving On

No amount of repression can fully erase a memory, or the surge of emotions that follow it. The only way to truly deal with what has happened is to understand it, to accept that it is part of the past, and to then move on to a better future, and perhaps even use that knowledge to help others. We all live in difficult times, and our professionals have been specially picked because of their ability to truly transform someone’s life.

Spiritual Recovery

Paragon Recovery offers an impressive program for spiritual recovery. A calm and healthy mind is key to a successful recovery, and it is something that every client can achieve with the right counselor and a calming environment.

Our professional yoga instructors have many years of experience behind them and combine the best of both mental and physical recovery techniques. Our yoga program heals and strengthens the body - even for clients who dislike any kind of exercise. On the inside, our instructors offer a variety of meditations and chanting to soothe and center the mind. The environment has a profound effect on people, so when it comes to healing, the whole environment must be altered for a healing effect. The Paragon Recovery center offers the environmental transformation that is crucial for recovery.