Entering the Paragon recovery center is a life-changing decision, a place of comfort, safety and serenity, with the opportunity to reinvent yourself.

Our center was meticulously chosen to fit the best available standards for our clients. We have combined the best of expert care, luxury accommodation, and a retreat atmosphere to create the perfect setting for a successful recovery beginning.

An Environment that Spotlights Each Client

There are a large number of people in the USA who suffer from serious substance use disorders (SUD), and yet a devastatingly small number of them who actually seek treatment. At Paragon Recovery, we want to make sure that we are offering the kindest and most professional service possible; one that will accept all clients with our positive and motivating environment, praising their courage for change and guiding them to success.

One of our most treasured features is our patience and empathy towards all who enter our center. Each client is an equal resident of the beautiful home that we have created for them to recover in. They are provided with counselors who respect them and are always willing to discuss any shadows of doubt that may cross a client’s mind and tremble their confidence to recovery. Rehabilitation is a bumpy journey, one that is often accompanied by doubt. But the staff at the Paragon Recovery center are there to make all doubts disappear.

Healing Inside and Out

In order for anyone to achieve a full recovery, the mind and body must be trained to understand, embrace and make use of a very different way of life; one that is no longer tainted with thoughts of addiction, but has moved on to a new beginning. To achieve such a magnificent change, everything that makes up an individual’s life must be taken into account. The Paragon Recovery center has devoted an incredible amount of research into the best environment, programs and activities to make this happen.

Counselors play a crucial role in helping clients, but we believe that clients need to have the freedom to help themselves through our many activities, which allow them to once again embrace who they really are and what they love to do.

Therapy Through Adventure

Our retreat atmosphere offers a variety of exciting activities that clients can do to relax, have fun, or go off on a bit of adventure!

For those who seek peace and quiet, the beautiful nature of the Santa Margarita County Preserve can be enjoyed through one of the many amazing views from the hilltop of our center, or through guided walks and hiking trails that really help soak in the fresh air and get away from the stress of daily life.

For even more excitement, clients can participate in the guided horse trails of the Santa Margarita County Preserve. This is an incredibly unique way to explore the surroundings and also to get to know the chivalrous personality of the San Diego County horses.

With particular emphasis on relaxation, our center is only half an hour away from the beautiful San Diego County coast. Adventurers can enjoy beach sports, surfing, and scuba diving, while the more peaceful minds can go for a stroll on the beach, or use the meditation techniques learned from our counselors, and really absorb the beauty of the ocean.

Education Towards a Healthy Lifestyle

Recovery may be the main goal at our center, but it is by no means the only one. Not only do clients learn how to deal with and overcome their weaknesses, they also learn incredible new life-lessons that will help the improve their lifestyle and plan their new future in a positive light. Our counselors advise each client on coping mechanisms, emotional balance, health and fitness, and the way to build confidence for a brighter tomorrow.

A Luxurious Welcoming Home

Home to the Paragon Recovery Center is an elegant house decorated in natural wood crown moulding and elegant marble. Each room is beautifully furnished and decorated in a way that radiates calmness and safety. The house has quiet spots for meditation, reading, or simply enjoying the environment. Inside the grounds of Paragon, clients can interact with others, enjoy our outdoor jacuzzi, organize a BBQ, take yoga sessions with professional yogis, and so much more. We have created an environment that has a versatile number of activities all comfortably added to a gorgeous property.