Paragon Recovery is a new rehab center located in Fallbrook, near the Santa Margarita County Preserve in San Diego County. This unique center has been meticulously chosen to provide a luxurious atmosphere and a caring environment, ensuring that each client will successfully begin their road of recovery. We offer a variety of treatment programs and activities, and also passionately focus all of our efforts on the tender love and care that is provided to each client.

The Environment

Our luxurious center provides a beautiful and peaceful environment, where clients will feel comfortable and motivated to embark on their journey of recovery. We understand how important self-confidence and safety are to our clients, and we treasure our ability to dedicate time and effort to each individual and to help them build a newfound respect for their future. While in our care we focus on positivity, learning from the past and moving forward.

Our dedication to teamwork, individual development and fun activities helps clients form a mental stability, which they rely on to carry them through the recovery process, and which will also serve as a foundation for a brighter tomorrow. We have made use of our beautiful center and the wonderful scenery that surrounds it to create a variety of extracurricular activities that clients can enjoy. An incredible amount of research and professional advice was used in its development, thus providing clients with the highest quality of care and treatments possible.

Professional Staff

All of our staff are professional, accredited and dedicated individuals who are determined to ensure that each client receives dedicated help and completes a successful recovery. Our team is our strongest support base, and they share their knowledge and expertise with everyone, while at all times also serving as an emotional support for times when clients need someone to talk to.

"The journey to recovery can be quite stressful, not only in the early stages, which is why our team encompasses encouragement and individualized treatments to ensure a successful recovery". 

Our staff not only develop teamwork among themselves, they also develop it alongside the clients, making sure that the environment feels like a welcoming home where all fears and hardships can be overcome. Above all, we believe in equality, stability of mind, and emotional support as key features in our treatment plans.

Treatment Options

Among our personalized treatment options, the most important factors are professional evaluations, a quality detox program, trauma-informed addiction treatment and spiritual recovery. Our team takes into account everything that affects the client’s life and environment before entering our center, and analyses it as a whole. We then develop a realistic and highly personalized program for the client to follow, and offer support and guidance at all points along the way. We pride ourselves on our detox program, which provides a seamless transition into either a medication assisted or a non-pharmaceutical detox program. This is also accompanied with 24/7 support, nursing and the assurance of safety.